Saturday, December 31, 2011

How I Spent My Winter Vacation - Linky Party!!!

Clutter-Free Classroom is having a Linky I'm linking up!!!  I have been having a great time reading all of the posts made by all of the other teachers that have linked up.  Man, some of yall NEVER stop!!!  Apparently, most of you have a totally different 2 week Christmas break than we do.  We just finished our first week, so I still have over a week to go!  Our kiddos actually do not go back to school until Jan. 9th!!!  Yep...I'm smiling over here about that!!!  The teachers go back on the 6th, but it is a meeting kind of a day...and some time in our classroom! :) 

So, what have I done on my first week off for Christmas break...NOTHING FUN!!!!  I have been in the emergency room twice, the 24th and the 26th, and had a small "surgical" procedure on the 27th!  Since then I have done nothing but lay around because I have had NO ENERGY...due to the fact that I am now anemic!  I came very close to having to have a blood transfusion on the 27th, so now my body needs to recoup!!!  Sitting around doing nothing is great for blog hopping and spending lots of time on Pinterest searching for great ideas!!!

Ok, so my first week of break was REALLY I am hoping to get things accomplished this coming week.  My plans are to...WORK ON MY NURSERY FOR MY NEW GRAND BABY!!!  Yeah!!!!  It's something I've been "planning on" since this summer...and I still have not gotten around to doing it. I sit here writing this blog, my awesome hubby and our new "son" (a totally different story), are beginning to get things going for me by moving furniture so we can begin the process!!!  In order to set up my nursery, I have to rearrange 3 different rooms in my house!!!  NOTHING I do is uncomplicated!!!  I guess I should take some pics and post them so that I can actually prove that I am getting things accomplished!!!  This will be a week of             decluttering, rearranging, and then heading back to the classroom to get ready for the second half of the school year!

Better than pics of my rooms is a pic of my adorable granddaughter...Raylie Anne!!!  I wub her soooo much!!!  She will be 3 months old on Jan. 3rd!  I think I could start a blog just about her!!! 

If you haven't already linked up to this cute linky party, head on over there to let us know what you have been doing on your time off!!!

I also want to give a shout out to a NEW BLOG..."The Best Endings: A Blog all about Books".  Erica, from "The Honey Bunch", along with a lot of other great contributors...have started this awesome blog about books...and they make me feel horrible!!!  Why???  I NEVER READ!!!!  Well...books that is!!!  I use to read all the time when I  was a young girl, a teenager, and even as an adult...until about 10 years ago.  Now, I don't know when I could ever find the time to actually sit down and read a book.  My ADHD brain just has not been lending itself to that type of activity!!!  I guess I really need to try to start doing that again!  Yall go check out the new will really enjoy it!!!



  1. I am so glad you found my blog! I can't wait to share ideas! The pic of your granddaughter is very cute! I looove her name!

  2. Wow, thanks for the heads up on the new blog about books! I love reading! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and I hope to see some progress of the nursery! How exciting. I could just kiss those baby cheeks through the screen, but would probably get a totally weird look from the hubsters, so I should refrain from doing so. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. I'm a new follower - found you over at The Best Endings...look forward to blogging with you! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. I just found your blog on The Best Endings, and was intrigued by your name, so I had to come check you out!!! I'm assuming you are a La. teacher??!! I teach in La. also!! I assume we aren't in the same district because the 6th is one of our furlough days :( Although a day off, is a day off in my book!!! :)

    I just mentioned your cute blog on mine, so go check it out! :) Your sweet little Raylie is a doll!!!

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn

  5. I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award. Come check it out!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  6. I see Erika beat me to the punch but I also awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award The Kindergarten Chick

  7. I just discovered your blog! I am a fellow LA teacher and a new follower!

    Wild About Second Grade