Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Very First Ever Blog Post!!!!

Wow!!!  I am excited...and nervous at the same very first blog post!!!  I have thought about starting a blog since last school year...I am the QUEEN of procrastination!!!  I started out this school year following A LOT of educational pages on Facebook, which directed me to sooooo many new educational blogs...and I have quickly become addicted to searching out as many blogs as I can every night when I get home and finding as many freebies as I can get my hands on!!!  Since so many other teachers have been helping me out by posting valuable information and resources on their blogs...I decided it was time for me to just go ahead and jump here it goes...Second Grade Swamp Stories is now official! 

 I figured tonight was as good as any other night to get started...the perfect way to end an awesome day!!!  Our school received GREAT news today...HATTIE WATTS ELEMENTARY IN PATTERSON, LOUISIANA IS A 2011 BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  WE LOVE OUR WEE JACKS!!!!  We also received a reward for High Performing/High Poverty School!  I love my school, I love my students and their parents, and I am sooooo thankful for the most awesome principal in the world!!!  With her guidance and direction, our school has really been soaring!  I can't wait to see what awesome things will take place this year!

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  1. Welcome to the Blog World!! Enjoy the is very addicting. Hi, my name is Debi and I am a Blogger and a Blog Stalker! :) Looking forward to your posts.
    PS: I am also ADHD... ;)

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